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Trailer Trash Man

Trailer Trash Man "Fire In The Belly" is a 12' tall BBQ/Grill. After dark he becomes a Patio Heater & Musical Instrument, a flame organ called a Pyrophone.

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Celestial Golf

Celestial Golf A Giant Golf Club Xylophone, with an astrological theme of things from the heavens.

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Stripper Pole

Stripper Pole The  world's most dangerous stripper pole and other toys on the web site are available for rental.

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Phoenix Bird Project

Phoenix Bird Broject Engages the community in participatory interactive Omni media arts, affecting every human sense, the disabed can enjoy an artistic performance experience.

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  Media Coverage

    January 1, 2004 - Phoenix New Times
    Depending on whom you talk to, Richard Wizardry is either a madcap genius or just another crackpot artist with a lot of leftover scrap metal & too much time on his hands. | more |

    August 24, 2006 - YouTube
    A short of Pyro Sculptures by Richard Wizardry "Toasterboy" prepping for Burningman. | more |

    August 29, 2007 - YouTube
    Standing 12' tall, he is the man of steel made from trailer park parts, and also functions as a pyrophone and a mesquite grill. | more |

    February 23, 2009 - Poptent
    60 "Callaway Diablo" - 60 second commercial featuring a giant mechanized golf club
    Celestial Golf


Let us help make your next party one your friends will never forget, have The Trailer Trash Man Diner, Make Dinner and give you a show, with the latest in home appliances. As long as appropriate set backs are meet, the fire department considers this a home appliance and no permits are needed, for now anyway. It's a Flame warming experience!
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